• New Release

    Voyager would like to introduce you to our latest addition: 1.9.2. This new release features the ability to index Web Feature Servers - both at the service and the feature level - and to control how metadata gets mapped into your index.
  • Get it Now!

    Don't be left behind! Get started right now using Voyager today. Download a free 30-day trial license and start using, managing and sharing your content with your team or the world tomorrow.
  • The New Us

    VoyagerGIS was born as the marriage of modern search technology and GIS. Voyager is the only enterprise search engine that speaks spatial like a native, and we wanted our name to reflect the breadth of what we do. So, let us introduce you to Voyager Search.
  • Zoom! Zoom!

    It's time to reimagine the spatial data infrastructure (SDI). While web mapping has exploded since 1993, the usage has languished, the data is undiscoverable and too much valuable content is inaccessible. Voyager writes about some fresh approaches in GeoConnexion magazine.

Discover Your Data

Voyager is the only spatially enabled, enterprise search solution. It is an easy-use, out-of-the-box, enterprise search solution that can support a wide variety of users around the globe. It is open and scalable, but with advanced security. Voyager can index hundreds of content types and focuses on optimizing geospatial content.

What Voyager Can Do

  • Quickly index GIS data and map; media file types including audio and video files; and office formats (PDF, Word etc.)
  • Index data wherever it resides be it on a desktop, server, FTP site or the web.
  • Search for data and maps using full text and spatial queries as easily as you search the web.
  • Immediately preview the results of your search through thumbnails, and instantly use your selected items in a variety of GIS applications
  • Use search results in daily tasks such as adding data to ArcMap, extracting data to share with colleagues, using data in the field, editing metadata, converting search results to KML, and more!